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Микросхема MAXIM MAX1538ETI

Артикул :MAX1538ETI
100 руб.

MAX1538   -   представляет собой  микросхему переключатель источника питания производства  Maxim

The MAX1538 (MAX 1538 ) selector provides power-source control for dual-battery systems. The device selects between an AC adapter and dual batteries based on the presence of the three power sources and the state of charge of each battery. The MAX1538 includes analog comparators to detect AC/airline-adapter presence and determine battery undervoltage. Fast analog circuitry allows the device to switch between power sources to implement a break-before-make time, which allows hot swapping of battery packs. The MAX1538 independently performs power-source monitoring and selection, freeing the system power-management μP for other tasks. This simplifies the development of μP power-management firmware and allows the μP to enter standby, reducing system power consumption.

The MAX1538 supports “relearn mode,” which allows the system to measure and fully utilize battery capacity.
In this state, the part allows the selected battery to be discharged even when an AC adapter is present. The MAX1538 can also be used to power the system in an
aircraft. On detecting an airline adapter, the MAX1538 automatically disables charging or discharging of battery packs and only allows the system to be powered
from the adapter. The MAX1538 is available in a space-saving 28-pin thin QFN package with a maximum footprint of 5mm x 5mm.

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